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Frequently Asked Questions


-Do you ship to all countries?

  • Yes

-How long does shipping take?

  • Three/four weeks for jewelry items
  • Two weeks for wholesale lipgloss orders 
  • One week or less for rushed orders

-Where is my order being shipped from?

  • Florida 

Is the jewelry real?

  • I offer gold plated and real gold                             

-How long does it take for plated jewelry to turn?

Jewelry will start to turn after a year.

  • All jewelry comes with a year warranty.
  • If jewelry turns before one year, I will be happy to redip/replace it.

-Will this jewelry break me out?

    • If you have very sensitive skin then, I wouldn’t recommend purchasing.
    • You should know what does and doesn’t break you out.


  • -Will I get a tracking number?                         Yes, all orders come with a tracking number.

    • Tracking numbers will be sent to your email.
    • I will no longer be sending tracking numbers personally (ex: sending them through Facebook or Instagram)